Flute lessons where you forget the instrument.

Deepen your musicianship

day by day.

Portrait of David Markowitz with flute.


     In this music school you develop deep musicianship through training the ear.  In their flute lessons my students play their hearts out, play together, and play off the cuff with confidence.  They compose and arrange naturally as music becomes like a native language.  This is becoming a flutist and a complete musician.

Don't worry, be musical!  Why stress?  Music inspires us, fascinates us, fires us up!  Study and practice are a joyful path to a joyful result, namely, music.

In flute lessons I help students connect their expanding musicality with the rest of their life.  After all, we know that music integrates and strengthens the brain -- of course it integrates and strengthens ourselves, our lives, and our connections with the world around us.

The world of music is vast, and each of us has a different array of interests.  Come consult with me to continue or begin a journey into music with the flute.


David Markowitz