David's Dues

I owe these thanks

Working backwards...

Linda Chesis shared an unbelievable amount of flutistic wisdom, helping me play more effectively.  

My dear friend Tom Robb, age 90, who started out as a farm-boy neighbor to the Moyses in Vermont, demonstrated how to exercise generosity with colleagues.

Eugenia Zukerman helped me have faith in my musicianship.  

Ransom Wilson believed in me and guided me to a Master's in Music at Yale.

Jesse Levine, also at Yale, taught me to reach for the stars and "make every jewel sparkle" in the music.

Michel Debost completely revised my technique and welcomed me into his studio classes at Oberlin, although at the time my major was Theory and History.

Once you start counting kindnesses, it is hard to stop.  I know that the rest to whom I owe debts of gratitude won't mind the omission, because I have thanked them and do thank them.

Thanksgiving, 2019

Some of David's flute heroes, past and present

Some of David's flute heroes, past and present